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NSM Norbert Schläfli AG - Team
NSM Norbert Schläfli AG - Team

nsm Norbert Schläfli AG – Switzerland (Zofingen)

nsm Norbert Schläfli AG, based in Zofingen, Switzerland, was founded in 1985. nsm is a family run company which specializes in the developing and manufacturing of high-precision pilot printing and coating systems mainly in the area of printed electronics.

Over 30 years of expertise in printing / coating technology

From the table top lab sheet-fed printing machine to a complex multi-functional printing and coating system, nsm is developing – based on over 30 years of expertise in printing/coating technology – innovative and customized solutions for laboratories worldwide. The product range also includes innovative, ultra-precise sheet-to-product and R2R printing and coating systems.

“Printing technology has changed markedly in recent years. Where previously the smallest unit a hundredth of a millimeter, the limit today has fallen below the thousandth of a millimeter in the direction of the nanometer. This has brought a tremendous increase in precision to all areas of functional printing. Printing precision, which lies in the realms of the invisible, is a daily challenge that fascinates us and pushes us beyond the limit.”
Norbert Schläfli

Start where others stop

nsm is known for the implementation of projects that no one has yet ventured to try. ‘Start where others stop’ is the company motto. Participation in numerous international R & D projects with the focus on printed electronics underlines this claim. The company is involved in a network that spans the globe.