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challenger 174

The challenger 174 offers multiple printing, laminating and inline drying stations in a high accuracy +/- 10µm.

explorer 750

Multifunctional and modular system. The printing, coating, laminating and drying modules are enclosed.

challenger 650

The challenger 650 is an ultra-precision and multi-functional printing and coating system.

challenger 173

Multifunctional R&D sheet-fed printing and coating machine. Processing of flexible and rigid substrates.

explorer 173

testacolor 171

testacolor 171 is enabling accurate single and multilayer printing/coating of functional inks on flexible substrates.

labratester 180

Ideal machine for testing gravure-, flexo- and functional inks and their reaction on flexibles substrates.

challenger 600

The challenger 600 is a multi-functional and modular printing and coating system.

testacolor 700

The testacolor 700 adapts to the laboratory and application requirements.

dryer 165

Compact IR dryer as a stationary throughput device to dry ink, varnish, coating materials, adhesives etc.