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Benchtop to automated systems

Scalable processes on nsm high-precision equipment: from lab to fab

Create Printed Electronics and Security Features on nsm systems

functional- and security printing

high-precision equipment: from lab to fab

Print the future

nsm Norbert Schläfli AG

Over 35 years of expertise in printing / coating technology

From the benchtop sheet-fed printing machine to a complex multi-functional printing and coating system, nsm is developing – based on over 35 years of expertise in printing/coating technology – innovative and customized solutions for laboratories worldwide. The product range also includes innovative, ultra-precise sheet-to-product and R2R printing and coating systems.

  • Benchtop to automated systems
  • Multifunctional – Fully integrated – High accuracy
  • More printing/drying technology options
  • Systems customized to your application
  • Swiss precision

challenger 174

explorer 750

challenger 650

nsm equipment is in great demand for:


  • OLED‘s
  • displays
  • lighting
  • solar cells
  • sensors
  • batteries
  • wearables
  • smart packaging
  • secure documents
  • nanomaterials


  • inks
  • substrates
nsm - equipment for prototyping and testing

nsm starts where others stop

nsm is known for the implementation of projects that no one has yet ventured to try. ‘Start where others stop’ is the company motto.
Participation in numerous international R & D projects with the focus on printed electronics underlines this claim.
The company is involved in a network that spans the globe.


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nsm is a full service provider for printed electronics at the transition from lab to fab.


Systems and equipment (also for rental)


Research and development of processes


Test trials


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